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14th-Jan-2014 05:57 pm - U R Gonna be a STAR, Baby! [kitty]
Today I stumbled across this photo shoot: Black Cat Casting Call

I was enthralled. I was entertained. So was my office mate who also has a black kitty.


Different pics HERE. And HERE.

And the sight of Vincent Price snuggling a black kitty makes me fall in love with him all over again. :)))
13th-Jan-2014 05:43 pm - Yippie Kai Yai Yay M***********s [big_valley]

And I was just figuring out what to spend my Christmas money on…

A Long-Awaited (and Complete) 'Season 2' DVD Set is Coming!

Let's see if Heath's evil twin Skippy shows up again on the cover. ;-)
Big Valley
7th-Jan-2014 10:02 am(no subject)

This is the first commercial in all of history that has made me want to run out an buy a thing I have no use for simply because the commercial has made me believe it's COOL and whipped up an inner excitement. My God, it's the flying cars they promised us!!!

Well done unnamed advertising agency drone - I hope they paid you well.
JC - Amazon Marc
26th-Dec-2013 11:33 am - Still here [kitty]

Happy Belated Holidays!


2xCollapse )

I think I may have neglected to mention that at the end of November my internet provider (at home) discontinued service and I haven’t had the money to install access through Big Evil Monopoly Company since, so I’ve been kind of quiet online. Especially the past few days when I actually go my first proper restful vacation in years due to the holidays (and didn’t have the connection at work to catch up). I had an awesome couple of days at home with Teacup filled with Christmasy Goodness and lots and lots of gorgeous, sparkly SNOW. So, yay! \o/ I did get out to a fandom friend’s house for Christmas dinner and thanks to her internet connection we all watched Dr. Who and the Sherlock mini-sode and had an nice evening. Other than that, nothing new or exciting to report. Hope you all had a great time too!

Note: I didn’t send out cards this year (again) so don’t feel slighted if you didn’t receive one.
28th-Nov-2013 02:45 pm - I have no words [the_professionals]
Really. I'm just overwhelmed at the news about Lewis Collins and I don't have a clue of what to say.

My sympathies to his family. This is so tragic that he left us so soon.
Pros - Dark Beauty Bodie
21st-Nov-2013 11:20 pm - Kitty Spam [kitty]
$30 of new kitty toys...And a box. :::headdesk:::


Things are plugging along with Teacup. We are still working on that play aggression thing (with some success) and since it got cold last month, she is starting to spend time on my lap and slipping under the covers in bed. Still a long way from heavy snuggling, but we are getting there. I'm learning she has quite the temper and it's a little freaky when she attacks when pushed too far... I may consult a behaviorist about it at some point. But 95% of the time I adore her and am so grateful to have a furry friend in the house again. Some pics under the cut...

Teacup Justice has claimed her throne...Collapse )
I'm not finding a lot of large scans of the Time Magazine "cover" (and I found out about it too late to buy a copy) so I'll share the scan I made of the library copy. It is untouched so you will see all the patron damage and the binding tape, but it's still better than the copies I have found (so there).


I love it when you can see the details of his eyes - those crazy-ass flecks are visible!
Avengers - Coulson
11th-Nov-2013 01:06 pm - Through a new lens [genealogy, photography]
Some of these are spectacular: 15 Remarkable Colorized Photos Will Let You Relive History

15 years ago I found negatives in my Grandma's photo collection of the day I was Christened in 1968 and I sent them to get printed, a little amazed that it was that easy. When I got them back I received crystal clear, color photos that looked like they had been taken YESTERDAY and it shifted my whole paradigm... I saw my parents as the 20 year-olds they were and it ceased to become history - it was them before the "them" I know now came into being (Not to mention a view of the illusion that fell apart long before I became aware of my surroundings and therefore had no concept of).

Some of the photos in this essay do the same thing to me.

I had some time at the mall last night before I met up with a geek group to see Thor and wound up spending a horrifying amount at Barnes & Noble... I had no choice - I saw THIS and absolutely had to have it. You *know* how devoted I am to Nick Bantock and the Griffin & Sabine series. Pump it up on *crack* supplied by JJ Abrams and yeah, who needs food this month? I'm looking forward to making my way through it. And I am *so* getting a copy for my Aunt J for Christmas as revenge - She is a *notorious* margin writer/underliner and if you ever borrow a book from her to read, you literally can't for all her marks. Bhuahahaha!

So, Thor: The Dark World... Awesome!

SPOILERSCollapse )
Wild Wild West - Book
I’ve rolled up my sleeves and dug through, essentially, six months of email and online backlog and I’m a little horrified at how many actual emails and contacts were sitting in there. I apologize to those who have been waiting for responses for, well, MONTHS.

There are new LJ friends (and fans of the websites who so kindly reached out) waiting for me to notice/respond to them – Thank you and welcome! I will respond in the next few days.
There are *actual* friends and family who are genuinely wondering if I’m ok/alive – See below.
There are B-day cards, presents, etc. from the last year in a pile on my coffee table, waiting to be packaged up and sent out to people – They will make it eventually. :::headdesk:::
Oops… Yesterday was the sperm donor's Bday… :::scramblesforphone:::

WTF, AgentX… WTF???

Well, crushing depression financial ruin has pretty much made me isolate. And the longer you isolate, the less you want to face things. Bottom line is that if I check my answering machine (not to mention my email or web presences) once a month I am really on top of things. That’s not to say day-to-day life is unbearable. I have massive fan-love for Marvel Universe, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, and other things. I am *MUCH* healthier/happier since TJ has joined me. I seem to have collected quite a few r/l friends at work and get out pretty often with them. And my living situation, while still stressful, is 1000% better than it was a year ago. Here are some random updates/things:

TJ: Is awesome, but NOT ZELDA. Which is great, but it’s taking time to get to know her. Turns out she has a crazy-vicious play aggression issue and has not instantly become the lap-cat of my dreams. This is in no way a problem – Just *different*. Now that the cool weather has come, she is measurably more snuggly, but we are a looooong way off from belly contact.

Family: Ugh. Bro and Sis-in-Law’s marriage has imploded in *spectacular* fashion and divorce is in-process. Mom still hates her job, but is only a few months away from retirement age. Everyone else seems to be holding even.

Fandom: Still all about Coulson. I have emails that some of my friends have converted and hopefully it is not too late to jump back on the squee-train with you…? Loving the show, but never seem to find the time during the week to squee about it online. Also been back into Harry Potter a bit – Pottermore has been whetting my whistle and getting me reading fanfiction again. Has everyone seen the extra content on Lupin? OMGSQUEE!!!

Work: Was finally going great after years of struggle when I was assigned a new office mate who I absolutely love. Then, a month ago, she found out she (at age 27) has fairly aggressive breast cancer. It’s been quite exhausting and terrible dealing with this the past month. Perhaps I’ll post about it some day.

I think that’s about it for now. Let’s see how long my resolve to keep up with people lasts… ;-)
JC - Blonde Moment
2nd-Oct-2013 09:40 am - It warms the heart [clark_gregg]
Two of my favorite fanboys hooked up last night...


I have no words.
Pulp - To Want A Boy
2nd-Oct-2013 12:25 am - This just in... [clark_gregg, marvel_universe]


I'm loving the show and mean to post oodles about it, but the time... She is gone. Perhaps tomorrow.
Avengers - Coulson
14th-Jul-2013 11:36 am - Moving on [kitty]

At long last, I introduce…



Well, her name is still a bit up in the air. I was going to go with Artemis (Artie) Teacup Justice, but the "Artemis/Artie" part is just not working for her. Which leaves me with TJ (Teacup Justice). This works great with her/my personality, but I'm so unsure… I really wanted to go with a Greek Mythology name and am now considering Nix or Nox. But that doesn't go with the "Teacup Justice" part which I am really unwilling to let go of. Augh!

Anyway, name aside, I have a new companion/familiar! She has been with me two days and it is going to take a while to get to know each other - She seems very friendly and bright, and I think I have made a very good choice, but she is the kind of kitty that is shy and reserved until she is comfortable with her surroundings and my apartment is a lot for a little kitty to take in. :-) I expect it will be a week or two before we really have gotten a good feel for one another.

She is so very different than Zelda (something I really was aiming for) it will take time to get to know her. She is just under 8 lbs. which seems so tiny to me! Yet, loves a heavy petting and is far from delicate. She's only a year old, so still has a lot of kitten-energy and today, now that she has settled in a bit, is practically bouncing off the walls! Here are some pictures:

picsCollapse )

She came from the shelter with the name Justice which blows me away - Can you think of a better name for the familiar of a Hufflepuff??? I want to keep it, but can't imagine screaming it out a door, so something else must be worked out. Teacup is just awesome and seems to fit her. It would also lead to a nickname of "T" (to match my "M") or TJ, both which fit her. It's just the Greek/WWW thing I can't let go of… Well, TBC.
Pros - Dark Beauty Bodie
2nd-Jul-2013 07:42 pm - Pottermore [harry_potter]

2 years behind the crowd… I am finally through the sorting hat and poking around in Pottermore.

Friend me if you like: CrimsonKnight1700

Let me know your name if you want me to friend you.
HP - Hufflepuff alumni
29th-Jun-2013 01:32 pm - Clap if you want Tinkerbell to live

I am no fan of DVD-on-demand and this is only the faintest rumor, BUT...


It's like the Cubs winning the World Series - What would I do with myself if it actually happened?!?
JC - Amazon Marc

Dear AgentX,

Your pre-order of the Agent Phil Coulson (Avengers) Sixth Scale Figure (Hot Toys) (901936) will be arriving into our U.S. warehouse in approximately 14 days...

Fanboy Extrodinaire already has his...


Some time ago my co-workers and I went to a lecture given by Eric Horvitz, a genius in the Hewlett Packard R & D think-tank. We all fell MADLY in love with him and I could enthuse endlessly about the machine learning work he is involved in, but the impulse to post has to do with the topic of ROBOT ATTACKS. My favorite!

I was digging through the random links on his website (as I am inclined to do every now and again) and found this short gem he wrote a while back…

LOL! Now, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! I mean, if the guy inventing the sentient robots is afraid of robot attacks, what hope is there for the rest of us???
Torchwood - Can't have nice things
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